Among Us

Do you like legendary sci-fi movies like “Alien” and “The Thing”? How would you like to play a game that brings these movies to life? Well, guess what? We have just the game for you, and we are setting up a virtual game night to play this game. The game is called “Among Us” and the goal is to catch a parasitic shapeshifter which has infiltrated a space crew. The goal of the shapeshifters is to eliminate the whole crew, and the goal of the crew is to catch the imposter before it eliminates the crew. Intrigued? If so, then you should check out the GSG social committee’s upcoming virtual game night event where we will be playing Among Us.

This event will be held on Thursday 1/14 and Friday 1/15 starting around 7:30 PM on Zoom (Password: 110038). Participation is free and you can download the game for free on your Android or Apple device through their respective app stores.

Games will continue until around 9:30 PM as participation allows. Don’t worry if you arrive a little late; we’ll work on getting you into the next available game!

The event is finished.


Jan 14 - 15 2021


7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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