Graduate Research Colloquium

2024 GSG Annual Banquet Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Thomas Merz

“Life is a book, and if you do not travel, you never go beyond the first chapter.” –Saint Augustine

After 42 years at Michigan Technological University, a chapter is complete for Thomas (Tom) Merz. Tom has been a professor of economics in the College of Business since 1980 and served as associate dean of the College for 10 years. He held visiting faculty positions with universities in Western Australia, Denmark, and Vietnam.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tom’s teaching and research focused on game theory, microeconomics, and public-sector economics. He kept his passion for learning and teaching economics high, always remembering a piece of wisdom one of his professors told him: “Dedicated teachers are nothing more than dedicated students who appreciate other dedicated students.” Though Tom has finished this chapter, his story is hardly complete. By the end of 2024, if all goes according to script, he and his wife Mimi, who together have touched down on all seven continents and twice circumnavigated the globe, will have set foot in 87 countries.


What is the Graduate Research Colloquium (GRC)?

Each spring, GSG sponsors the Graduate Research Colloquium Poster & Presentation Competition. The GRC offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to showcase their research with the University community and work on their presentation skills for other professional events. Students can give oral presentations, present posters, or do both. This year, both the formats will be held in person. Judges from a similar field as the presenter will score all the presentations. They will provide valuable insight and feedback on how the students can improve their presentations. The presenters will be grouped into different technical sessions, according to their discipline of study.

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Important Dates

  • January 24 – Registration Opens
  • March 5 – Registration Closes
  • March 15  – Poster and Abstracts Due Due
  • March 26 (9AM – 3PM) – Oral Presentations (MUB Alumni Lounge)
  • March 26 (5PM – 8PM) – Poster Presentations (Rosza Lobby)
  • March 27 (5PM – 8PM) – Banquet (Rosza Lobby)

Who can participate?

All graduate students are highly encouraged to participate to present their research and use GRC as the platform for their presentation. Students can submit either for oral presentation by talking about their ongoing research or poster presentation by detailing their work, or even do both!

Why participate?

The GRC provides graduate students a great opportunity to practice their oral or poster presentations in a friendly environment that prepares them for major national and international conferences. The GRC environment helps students improve on their skills and judges also provide valuable feedback for each presentation that can improve a participant’s research.

In addition, GRC is also a space to network and connect with other researchers by learning about other research being undertaken on campus. Cash prizes are available for the top three presenters in both the oral and poster categories (first is $300, second is $200, and third is $100).

GRC Awards Banquet

The GRC event will culminate with the annual GRC Awards Banquet. All participants and judges are invited to attend. The banquet will be held on Wednesday, March 27 at the Rosza Lobby, 5-8 pm. Please reach out with any questions about the event to this contact: