Surplus Funds

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) can allocate surplus funds to help cover a part of a specific project (i.e. the cost of an event, or the purchase of equipment). In order to apply for surplus funds, you have to contact the GSG Treasurer, with the information required below. The funds cannot be used for the purchase of apparel, free giveaways, or alcoholic beverages. All requests made must occur in the session that the funds will be used. If your funding request is approved, you may receive your funds via University account transfer or as a reimbursement. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the GSG Treasurer.
Requested Information
  1. Organization name,
  2. Requestor name, and title in the organization
  3. Requestor contact information (email is preferred)
  4. Total number of students in your organization
  5. Number of graduate students in your organization
  6. Brief description of the project
  7. Requested amount (specify what the funds would cover)
  8. Brief description of how the project would benefit GSG and/or the graduate student population
Application Guidelines

To apply for GSG surplus funding, please complete the following:

  1. Requests must be made at least 4 weeks before the event or time they are needed.
  2. Read the Surplus Funding Description in the GSG Bylaws;
  3. Send the requested information as outlined above to the GSG Treasurer;
  4. Once the request has been received, the GSG Treasurer and the Ways and Means Committee will review it;
  5. Provide any additional information that will be requested by the Ways and Means Committee. All communication will happen via email, unless otherwise specified;
  6. Once the review process is complete, the funding request will be presented at a general GSG meeting. A representative of your organization should come to the meeting and give a short presentation about the project and answer questions;
  7. After the presentation, there will be a closed discussion session, followed by a vote. In order to become a funded request it must pass with 2/3 majority;
  8. No student organization can request an amount exceeding 5% of the starting surplus balance for that session.

NOTE: The surplus funding process (from the time of your submission to the vote) may take up to two (2) months, depending on the GSG schedule and also the amount of additional information that the GSG Ways and Means Committee may need.