Health Insurance

Health care expenses such as those associated with illness, accidents, or mental health care might jeopardize a student’s degree progress, or even destabilize their financial situation.  Health insurance reduces potential barriers that might impact attendance, research progress, and overall success.  Michigan Tech requires all international and graduate students to hold comprehensive health insurance, and U.S. citizens are required by law to maintain health insuranceAll students must have proof of health insurance to confirm enrollment, without which their account will remain locked.

Given the crucial nature of health insurance for all graduate students, GSG continues to work on improvements in university-offered insurance.  Recent successes increased the health insurance subsidy from 75% to 100% for fully supported graduate students and added a 25% subsidy for dependents of graduate students.  Additionally, GSG has bargained and continues to bargain for an improved benefits plan with a minimal deductible, dental and vision coverage, and coordination of benefits with other providers.  These improvements culminated in GSG’s multi-year sustained advocacy efforts on behalf of graduate students.  Building off this momentum, GSG continues to push for more long-term gains.

At MTU, partial or full support can come from an assistantship (GTA, GRA, GA, GTI, etc.), a fellowship (finishing fellows, KCP, Fulbright, etc.), or a scholarship (including home country scholarships).   Fully-supported students currently receive 100% subsidized health insurance through MTU’s United Healthcare (UHC) student plan.  For the 2022-2023 academic year,  the annual premium is $2,150 for an individual, and insured dependents of fully-supported students receiving a 50% subsidy are not covered by Michigan Tech. Supported graduate students are responsible for paying the full premium amount(s) when enrolling in a Dental and/or Vision plan. This year’s healthcare student plan does not cover Dental and Vision premiums. 

Tuition-only (partially supported) and hourly (unsupported) students do not receive subsidized health insurance.  These students may opt for MTU’s student health insurance plan or choose a different plan that suits their needs.

Graduate students should confirm health insurance requirements are met about two weeks before classes begin.  Students without full support must submit an insurance waiver to confirm enrollment.  Even fully-supported students, who pay $0, must confirm acceptance of university insurance by going to MyMichiganTech > Payments > Pay Insurance.  Without proof of insurance, graduate students cannot pay tuition, fees and/or confirm enrollment.

Unsupported Domestic Students

Health insurance plans for unsupported domestic students:

  1. MTU Student Health Insurance 
    1. MyMichiganTech > Payments > Pay Insurance
  2. Health insurance marketplace coverage via      
    1. Open Enrollment
    2. Qualifying Life Event
  3. Information on enrolling family members/dependents
    1. United Healthcare Student Resources website.
    2. Via  Spouse, Tax Filer, and Dependents

International Students

The two most common health insurance providers among unsupported international students are ISO and PSI.  Check out the MTU Student Insurance website to choose the plan that best fits your needs. And contact Student Insurance at

Michigan Tech Required Vaccination

Students can find a list of recommended vaccines through IPS and the Dean of Students.  Note that vaccination status has no effect on student status at Michigan Tech. For updated covid COVID-19 related information, please check out MTU Flex’s website.

For more information, visit the Student Insurance webpage.  Email if you have any questions, or call +1 (906)487-1088.