GRC 2022 Poster and Oral Presentation Winners

Poster Presentation Winners

Arslan Amer, 1st place

Presentation: “Selenoprotein Sepp1 Determines Cysteine Dependence in Pancreatic Cancer”

Laura Schaerer, 2nd place

Presentation: “Division of Labor in Polyethylene Terephthalate Degrading Microbial Consortia”

Brennan VOGL | Undergraduate Research Assistant | Michigan Technological  University, Michigan | MTU | Department of Biomedical Engineering

Brennan Vogl, 2nd place

Presentation: “Effect of aortic curvature on bioprosthetic aortic valve performance”

Student Awards 2020 | Biomedical Engineering | Michigan Tech

Mohanish Chandurkar, 3rd place

Presentation: “Shear stress sensing on endothelial cells using traction force microscopy (TFM)”

Oral Presentation Winners

Due to an unlikely four-way tie, we decided to present the award to our top four presenters in no particular order.

Arslan Amer, 1st place

Presentation: “Selenium and Cysteine in Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

Graduate Students, Post Docs & Visiting Scholars | Biomedical Engineering |  Michigan Tech

Fatemeh Razaviamri, 1st place

Presentation: ” Moisture-Activated Antiviral Coating based on Mussel Adhesive Chemistry”

Graduate Student Directory | Physics | Michigan Tech

Rishi Babu, 1st place

Presentation: “Study of a source rich region to understand the origin of PeVatrons”

Isaac John Wedig, 1st place

Presentation: “A Practical Application of Blood Flow Restriction Exercise”