Husky Co-Lab

Husky Co-Lab is a collaborative research initiative sponsored by GSG to promote research collaboration between various departments at Michigan Tech. This initiative is designed to help graduate students interact with fellow researchers from different departments to solve interdisciplinary research problems. Many graduate students struggle with the interdisciplinary nature of their research. There are cases where the solution is a mere comment away but the student has to learn from the basics to build up concept and reach solution. This initiative is designed to put those students in touch with other graduate students who can help them overcome these obstacles.

If you are interested in taking part in this initiative please submit your name and area of expertise using this form.

If you are looking for a researcher in a particular field, please see the following list. You will need to log-in with your Michigan Tech email as this form is only accessible to MTU students.

The scope of this initiative is currently only research projects, but if there is enough interest in the program it could be expanded to include personal projects, prototyping, business endeavors, and more.