3 Minute Thesis Competition: Heat 4

Christopher Morgan

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Email: cjmorgan@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Real Time Control of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Presentation: “Platooning in Automobiles” 

Emily Washeleski

PhD Student in Biological Sciences

Email: eafettig@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Investigation of in-vivo disruption of the DREAM transcriptional repression complex using CRISPR/Cas9 techniques in C. elegans.

Presentation: “Oncogenic protein-mediated disruption of the DREAM complex” 

Jordan Ewing

PhD Student in Geology & Mining Engineering & Sciences

Email: jjewing@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Computational Science and Engineering – Home Base GMES

Presentation: “Terrain Traversing: X Marks the Spot” 

Priyanka Kadav

PhD Student in Chemistry

Email: pdkadav@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Protein Purification and Characterization

Presentation: “Capture and Release (CaRe): A rapid and easier method for protein purification” 

Shiying Cai

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Email: shiyingc@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Membrane Distillation

Presentation: “Energy efficient, membrane-based thermal desalination systems” 

Utkarsh Chaudhari

PhD Student in Chemical Engineering

Email: uschaudh@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Plastics Recycling

Presentation: “Circular economy of PET bottles in a closed loop plastics supply chain” 

Rasoul Bayaniahangar

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Email: rbayania@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Renewable Energy

Presentation: “3D-printed Concentrated Ceramic Solar Collector”