GRC 2021 Poster and Oral Presentation Winners

Poster Presentation Winners

Utkarsh Chaudhari, 1st place

PhD Student in Chemical Engineering

Presentation: “Systems Analysis Approach to PET and Olefin Plastics Supply Chains in the Circular Economy” 

Katherine Schneider, 2nd place

PhD Student in the College of Forest Resources & Environmental Science

Presentation: “Revealing Silphid Stomach Contents Using Novel iDNA Methods” 

Seth Kriz, 2nd place

PhD Student in Chemical Engineering 

Presentation: “Purifying viral vaccines by two-stage aqueous extraction”

Betsy Lehman, 3rd place

MS Student in Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Presentation: “What’s Going On? Sensemaking in Informational and Social Situations”

Oral Presentation Winners

Neerav Kaushal, 1st place

PhD Student in Physics

Presentation: “Simulating the Universe with Convolutional Neural Networks”

Ninad Mohale, 2nd place

PhD Student in Materials Science & Engineering

Presentation: “Effects of Eta Phase on the High Temperature Creep Behavior of Nimonic 263”

Priyanka Dipak Kadav, 3rd place

PhD Student in Chemistry

Presentation: “Capture and Release (CaRe): A novel protein purification technique”

Isaac John Wedig, 3rd place

PhD Student in Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Presentation: “Exercise is Medicine:  Promoting Physical Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic”