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If you are still looking for housing for the 2023-2024 school year, check out HOWL first.

General Tips

When should I start looking?

Basically, as soon as possible. Most landlords in the area begin to sign contracts in the September – October timeframe for the next school year. Most contracts either start in May or in August, and generally run for 1 year.

What if I am looking later?

If you are trying to find an apartment for August, and you start looking in May, you will not have many choices. At this point, most full contracts are taken, and most of what is left is subleases. This means you will probably have to share an apartment with someone you don’t know, or your sublease might only be for 1 semester (e.g. Fall semester only – August – December).

In general, if you are looking in summer for housing starting in fall, you can’t be very picky because there are so few openings at that point.

Watch out for scams…

Sometimes scammers use apartment listings to scam people. For more info on what one of these scams might look like, see the link below:

Scam Alert!

If you have friends or acquaintances in the area already, you can also have them check out the apartment for you before you arrive in the country.

How to Contact the Landlord?

There are a few good ways to contact a landlord if they have a listing. 

In general:

  1. Use whatever contact method is shown on the listing
  2. If they have a website, try using the contact form on their website
  3. Emailing probably works best if you are out of the country, due to time zone differences
  4. Some landlords are only responsive to phone calls. You might need to have a friend in the US help contact the landlord if you are out of the country.
  5. Landlords generally don’t text or use messaging apps like WhatApp.
Where Should I Rent?

If you don’t have a car, it is most convenient to live on the east side of Houghton. There is some public transportation available to live further out in Houghton or Hancock, but it may be more difficult to get to campus outside of normal hours or to get to the grocery store, etc.

If you do have a car, some students live in surrounding towns like Calumet, Chassel, South Range or Baraga. There is no public transportation going to these towns, and the commute will be long, especially in winter and bad weather. You will also need a parking permit or pay meter fees to park on campus.

Living With a Roommate

If you are living with a roommate, it is good to have a roommate agreement in place to prevent conflicts before they arise. Here is a roommate agreement template that you can use.

Know Your Rights

If you are living with a roommate, it is good to have a roommate agreement in place to prevent conflicts before they arise. Here is a roommate agreement template that you can use.

Renting is a complicated and expensive process, but there are federal and state laws in place to protect renters. As a renter, it is important that you understand the basic rights that you have, and seek legal advice for a qualified attorney if you have questions or concerns about your rights being violated.

The State of Michigan and Michigan Legal Help provide guides that cover some common topics including:

  • Lease agreements and what cannot be included in leases
  • Security deposits, including the laws regarding getting your deposit returned at the end of the lease
  • Eviction requirements and proceedings
  • Repair and maintenance responsibilities
  • What to do before signing a lease and moving into a new apartment
  • What to do when moving out of an apartment
  • Sample leases, letters, and court forms

Discrimination in housing on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, family or marital status, or disability status are not allowed. Examples of discrimination may include refusing to rent to someone, charging a different price, changing terms of the lease, or unfairly evicting someone. If you believe that you are the victim of housing discrimination, consult a qualified attorney.

Renter's Insurance

If you are living with a roommate, it is good to have a roommate agreement in place to prevent conflicts before the

It is recommended, no matter who you are renting from, that you get renter’s insurance. In the event that something catastrophic happens to your apartment, like a fire or theft, renter’s insurance will help pay back for any of your belongings that were lost or damaged.

If your apartment is damaged due to your actions or negligence, you will likely be responsible for the cost of repairs. For example, every year there are cases of significant fire damage in kitchens due to cooking accidents. Even if the damage wasn’t done on purpose, the student renter is still responsible for repairs that can cost thousands of dollars. Renter’s insurance can help pay for these situations.

Renter’s insurance typically costs $10-20 per month, depending on the exact coverage level. Most car / property insurance providers also offer renter’s insurance, such as State Farm, Progressive, Geico, etc. Most will also have a bundle discount if you have other insurance through them, like car insurance.

Where to Find Housing

General web pages

USG housing webpage

USG housing website – another list of places to find housing

Facebook – Michigan Tech marketplace group

Facebook – Houghton housing group

Facebook – Houghton buy/sell/trade group

Facebook – DH residents page

Facebook marketplace – may not be available in some countries


Reddit – MTU subreddit – check for a sticky first

Reddit – MTU trading subreddit

MTU unofficial Discord – #husky_trading channel

Keweenaw Tenants Union Discord

Landlord web pages – not in any particular order

Michigan Tech Housing – Official, on-campus housing

Bekkala Properties

Copper Country Rentals

Copper Hill Apartments

Houghton for Rent

Houghton Housing Commission

Houghton Off Campus Housing

Houghton Rental Housing

HQH Rentals

Lahti Properties

Northwoods Cabins

RAS rental properties

Red Oak Management

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