About GSG

The GSG is a student organization that serves as a liaison between the University and graduate students, advocating on students’ behalf for the intellectual, social and professional lives of graduate students. We serve graduate students in several important ways and focus on providing opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Get Involved 

The Graduate Student Government is always looking for highly motivated people to get involved in developing a great graduate student experience at Michigan Tech. Serving on the GSG is an excellent preparation for administrative and governance work both inside and outside of academia. Beyond the simple value of a stripe on one’s Curriculum Vitae, GSG members learn about team-building, public service, and leadership, as well as the workings of a university at the administrative level.

GSG department representatives are typically elected by the students from their own home department. Department representatives report GSG business to the graduate students in their respective departments, and in turn collect and represent the opinions and interests of those students to the GSG. Some department representatives later become Committee Chairs or Principal Officers. Students in these positions must be elected by the Graduate Student Government General Body. Both Committee Chairs and Principal Officers receive a nominal honorarium, except for the position of President, which is a fully-funded position and entails working closely with the university administration. To get involved, or simply learn more about GSG, speak with one of your department representatives. You may also attend any of our GSG meetings, which are open to the public.