3 Minute Thesis Competition: Heat 2

Morteza Shaker Ardakani

PhD Student in Materials Science and Engineering

Email: mshakera@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Materials processing, Alloy Development

Presentation: “Engineering Zn-based Alloys for Biodegradable Implanting Application” 

Prajakta Paresh Kokate

PhD Student in Biological Sciences

Email: pkokate@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Evolution, Ecology

Presentation: “Genetic Variation in Mushroom Toxin Resistance” 

Rachel Hetherington

PhD Student in Geology & Mining Engineering & Sciences

Email: rmhether@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Geology & Geochemistry

Presentation: “Quantitative Analysis of US Soils” 

Shardul Tiwari

PhD Student in Social Sciences

Email: shardult@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Renewable Energy Policy

Presentation: “PUSH – Underground Pump Hydro Storage ” 

Isaac Flint

PhD Student in Cognitive & Learning Sciences

Email: irflint@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Neurocognition and Motor Control

Presentation: “Neurophysiological Correlates of Motor Movement Corrections ” 

Ninad Mohale

PhD Student in Materials Science & Engineering

Email: nrmohale@mtu.edu

Area of focus: N/A

Presentation: “Development of a Physically-Based Creep Model Incorporating ETA Phase Evolution for Nickel-Base Superalloys” 

Emily Shaw

PhD Student in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Email: emilys@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Fish Contamination

Presentation: “Bridging Knowledge Systems to Address Environmental Contamination”