3 Minute Thesis Competition: Heat 3

Behnam Ahmadi

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Email: bahmadi@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Energy Saving

Presentation: “Humidity as an untapped energy source: dehumidification to drying applications” 

Vinay Prakash

MS Student in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Email: vinaypra@mtu.edu

Area of focus: V2X Wireless Communication for Autonomous Vehicles

Presentation: “Quantitative analysis of C-V2X communication channel performance for Safety and Non-Safety applications in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles” 

Jared Edwards

PhD Student in Chemistry

Email: jarede@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Glycobiology and Purification

Presentation: “The winding path to purify plant bioactive molecule Hemolysin X” 

Mohanish Chandurkar

PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering

Email: mchandur@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Shear mechanotransduction, vascular biology, cell biology, and mechanobiology

Presentation: “Shear flow-induced mechanotransmission within endothelial cells studied using an in-vitro flow system” 

Parya Siahcheshm

PhD Student in Chemistry

Email: psiahche@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Potassium Ion Battery

Presentation: “Improving the Cathode for Potassium Ion Batteries: A Key for Future Electrical Energy Storage” 

Zazil Santizo Huerta

PhD Student in Mathematical Sciences

Email: zsantizo@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Discrete Mathematics

Presentation: “The Hamilton-Waterloo Problem with One C_6” 

Emily Lindback

MS Student, College of Forest Resources & Environmental Science

Email: eclindba@mtu.edu

Area of focus: Plant Physiology

Presentation: “Red Oak Physiology Across a Latitudinal Gradient”