Travel Grants

  1. Eligibility
    • Students must be currently enrolled full-time or part-time graduate students.

    • Applicants’ home departments must have at minimum one representative must be in good standing with GSG. A list of the current elected representatives can be found here.

    • Presenting applicants must provide conference acceptance letters in their application. Attending grants do not require proof of conference presentation or acceptance.

    • Students will only be allowed to receive one travel grant per session. A GSG session is defined as a one-year term between May 1st and April 30th.

    • Conference must take place during the current session.

    • The student’ advisor will be contacted to verify eligibility and approval to participate in the conference. This condition is necessary for the application to be considered complete.

  2. Application Deadlines

    Fall deadline: 5 PM, February 22, 2019

    Correct and completely filled out applications must be turned in before 5 pm on the deadline noted above (mostly it is Friday of the 6th week of each semester – Fall, Spring, and Summer). No exceptions for late submissions will be made. Students should consult the GSG calendar for application deadlines, when in doubt. The results will be notified to the applicants via email. Furthermore, the Michigan Tech community will be informed of grant awards following the notification of all applicants.

  3. Reimbursement

    Students must submit forms for reimbursement no later than 30 days after the end of the session in which the award was granted. Specifically, students must submit a Travel Expense Voucher with original receipts to request reimbursement of incurred travel expenses. Refer to Accounting Services’ website for the Michigan Tech travel policy in its entirety.

    Students receiving funding from their departments should use one expense voucher with the account number and amount to be charged from the dept. Please submit all information to GSG at The Graduate School, Room 405, Admin Bldg.

    GSG has made available a guide to help you fill out the Travel Vouchers, click here to view it. To speed up the reimbursement process, you could set up Non Payroll Direct Deposit. If you don’t know how to do it, click here to see how.

  4. FAQs