1. Student Health Insurance
    Michigan Tech Student Health Insurance

    Information about student health insurance, why you need it, what is needed, what insurance to purchase and how to purchase.

    Insurance Payment

    Payment portal for health insurance

    Insurance Web Portal for students

    Current student insurance provider’s web portal: to view, confirm, and print your health insurance card.

    Benefit Services 

    Contacts to employees in Benefit Services office who are located in Lakeshore Center, and can provide complete information about student health insurance.

  2. Co-tenant agreement

    Daniel Heights Co-tenant agreement is a document that helps to share responsibilities among the tenant and the co-tenants. This agreement tries to make sure that every apartment-mate shares all the liabilities, payment of the utilities, repairs, rent payments, and other expenses in an agreeable manner. It might also help set up house rules which are expected to be followed by all the apartment-mates. In a nutshell, this Co-tenant agreement can be a tool to make the living situation in DH more harmonious.

    You can download the agreement form here


  3. On Campus Resources
  4. Professional Development
    Building An Effective Resume
    Business Etiquette
    Interview Success
    Presentation Skills
  5. Grants and Fellowships
  6. Student Organization Event Funding
    Discretionary Funding
    Student organizations wishing to apply for Discretionary funds must fill out the appropriate forms and submit them to GSG. To do so :
    1) Read the GSG Discretionary Funding Guidelines , then
    2) Complete the Discretionary Funding Request Form


    Surplus Funding
    If you are interested in learning how to apply for a Surplus funding request, read the GSG Surplus Funding Guidelines.
  7. GSG Newsletters
  8. Sustainability

    GSG is currently keen on working towards a sustainable campus for Michigan Tech. As an initial step, GSG has appointed a liasion for sustanability who works closely with the associated personnel from the University, and other organizations in developing a plan for the future.

    One interesting website in this respect is the Sustainable Keweenaw Resource Center.

  9. Borrowing Items from GSG

    Need to borrow some easels and poster boards for your department symposium? What about some slow cookers for your next event? You can request to borrow GSG items using this form and submitting it to gsg@mtu.edu.

  10. Emergency/Healthcare Resources for Graduate Students
  11. Other Info.