Department Representatives

Department Representatives are elected by their respective home department. Each department is allotted a particular number of graduate students, based on the graduate student population. They represent the needs and voice of graduate students from their home department, attend GSG meetings, and have voting rights to decisions made by the GSG. 

Biological Sciences

William Dion • • Ways and Means Committee

Laura Schaerer • • Ways and Means Committee

Chemical Engineering 

Sarvada Chipkar • • Academic Committee

Vinay Boghara • • Social Committee


Komal Chillar • • Public Relations Committee 

Monica Mame Soma Nyansa • • Social Committee

Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Arman Tatar • • Public Relations Committee

Chaitanya Ganesh Bhat • • Academic Committee

Kenny Larsen • • Academic Committee

Cognitive and Learning Sciences 

Shruti Amre • • Ways and Means Committee

Data Science 

Sneha Nimmagadda • • Public Relations Committee

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Chandra Kant Jat • • Public Relations Committee 

Eisa Heyadati • •  Ways and Means Committee

Krutika Shetkar • • Academic Committee

Mohammad Asif Iqbal Khan • • Public Relations Committee

Geology and Mining Engineering and Sciences 

Chandan Chandan Kumar • • Ways and Means Committee

Jordan Ewing  • • Academic Committee


Aaron Hoover • • Academic Committee

Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology 

Joshua Gonzalez • • Public Relations Committee

Materials Science and Engineering 

Masoud Kasraie • • Social Committee 

Mathematical Sciences 

Meagan Risch • • Social Committee

Yasasya Batugedara • • Academic Committee

Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics 

Casey Majhor • • Academic Committee

Jon Furlich • • Social Committee

Shashank Pathrudkar • • Academic Committee

Swapnil Bamane • • Academic Committee


Rishi Babu • • Academic Committee

Cameron Shock • • Ways and Means Committee

School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences 

Tony Lammers • • Ways and Means Committee

School of Technology 

Todd Fox • • Social Committee

Social Sciences

Karuna Rana • • Academic Committee