Department Representatives

Department Representatives are elected by their respective home department. Each department is allotted a particular number of graduate students, based on the graduate student population. They represent the needs and voice of graduate students from their home department, sit on GSG meetings, and have voting rights to decisions made by GSG.

Standing committees listed are for internal GSG use only. Please contact the Principal Officers or the Committee Chairs with any questions relevant to Committees.

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Representatives Name of the Representative Name of the Department  Email ID Committee Involvement
Kevin Nevorski Biological Sciences  
  Ruby Alhajja Biological Sciences  
  Ami Kling Biomedical Engineering  
  Utkarsh Shailesh Chaudhari Chemical Engineering    
  Sharath Ankathi Chemical Engineering    
Christina Welch Chemistry    
  Christa Meingast Civil & Environmental Engineering    
  Khatereh Kashmari Civil & Environmental Engineering    
Nabhajit Goswami Civil & Environmental Engineering    
Kaitlyn Roose Cognitive & Learning Sciences    
Daniel Byrne Computer Science    
  Siva Krishna Kakula Computer Science    
Shashikanth Nagula Data Science    
Saurabh Muley Electrical & Computer Engineering    
  Deval Thakar Electrical & Computer Engineering    
  Vivek Sorab Electrical & Computer Engineering    
  Snehal Shinde Electrical & Computer Engineering    
Leonid Surovitckii Geology & Mining Engineering & Sciences    
  Amol Paithankar Geology & Mining Engineering & Sciences    
  Veena Namboodri Humanities    
Marina Choy Humanities    
  Jill Toorongian Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology    
Alejandra Itzel Almanza Perales Materials Science & Engineering    
Morteza Shaker Ardakani Materials Science & Engineering    
Zazil Santizo Huerta Mathematical Sciences    
  Dhruv Thanawala Mathematical Sciences    
Lauren Knop Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics    
Vinicius Bonfochi Vinhaes Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics    
Stas Zinchik Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics    
Zhuyong (Roger) Yang Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics    
  Kevin Bertschinger Physics    
Jaylyn Williams-Boone School of Business & Economics    
Munkaila Musah School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science    
    School of Technology    
  Bethel Tarekegne Social Sciences    
E-board Members        
  Apurva Baruah President    
  Prathamesh Deshpande Vice President    
  Jamie Berger Secretary    
  Sharath Ankathi Treasurer    
  Jacob Blazejewski Academic Chair    
  Ninad Mohale Social Chair    
  Prasad Soman Public Relations Chair