Executive Board: Principal Officers

The Principal Officers are charged with effectively organizing and overseeing GSG meetings and other GSG-related events. The President chairs meetings and acts as GSG's liaison with the Michigan Tech administration. The Vice-President acts as a liaison with all Committee Chairs. The Secretary and Treasurer ensure the fair and efficient running of GSG business by carefully tending and organizing records and budgets.


Shawon is a photography hobbyist with a passion for electronic gadgets and eclectic cuisines.  He is one of the founder members of Bangladeshi Student Association where he has been serving as a President since Fall '16. After completing his undergrad and masters from University of Dhaka, Shawon is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Michigan Tech with focus on Atmospheric Science and Cloud Chamber Physics.
After receiving a Bachelor's from Michigan State University, Jenny completed her Masters degree from The Evergreen State College in Washington state. Jenny fell in love with Michigan winters during her undergrad and ended up back in the mitten state to pursue her PhD in Environmental and Energy Policy.
After a stint in industry and academia for 6 years in India, Niranjan has been pursuing Ph.D in the field of internal combustion engines since Fall 2014. His research interests are fuel injector studies in gasoline engines. In his free time, he tries cooking, travelling and photography.