1. Exceptional Student Scholar
    Exceptional Student Scholar

    Our Exceptional Student Scholars exemplify excellence in academic pursuits such as, but not limited to:

    • Exceptional work ethic in courses:
      • Performance inside and outside of classes
      • Assisting the success of fellow graduate students
    • Outstanding research efforts:
      • Contributions beyond credit requirements (mentoring fellow graduate students, interdisciplinary projects, innovative ideas, etc.)
      • Publications, patents, presentations
    • Noteworthy teaching endeavors:
      • Dedication to instructional/tutoring obligations (NOT just grading)
      • Extraordinary dedication to their students’ success
      • Development or implementation of original teaching practices

    Application: https://goo.gl/forms/ZEIc6elFbxtWbUcx2

  2. Exceptional Student Leader
    Exceptional Student Leader
    Our Exceptional Student Leaders exemplify the following.
    • Ability to work well with others.
    • Substantially contribute to the betterment of their department or overall graduate community.
    • Take on leadership roles at MTU.
    • Recognized by others as a standard bearer of integrity.
    • Collegial attitude and demeanor.

  3. Exceptional Graduate Mentor
    Exceptional Graduate Mentor

    Our Exceptional Graduate Mentors exemplify the following:

    • Assist graduate students in navigating their academic career at  Michigan Tech toward professional success.
    • Make themselves available to counsel and encourage graduate students.
    • Create an open environment with their students that encourages personal growth beyond academic pursuits.
    • Share their expertise in research, teaching or other scholarly pursuits.
    • Involve graduate students in their research collaborations, presentations, and publications.
    • Advocate for graduate students as a professor, advisor, research collaborator, etc.

  4. Exceptional Staff Member
    Exceptional Staff Member

    The Exceptional Staff Member Award will be nominated by a graduate student and is given to a Michigan Tech staff member who exemplifies one or more of the following:

    • Professional excellence and advocacy for graduate students.
    • Readily available to help and encourage graduate students in personal and professional success.
    • Awareness of current university procedures, disciplinary trends, and academic opportunities.