1. Exceptional Student Scholar

    Our Exceptional Student Scholars exemplify the following:

    • Excellence in Academic Pursuits
    • Performance inside and outside the classroom (as both a teacher and a student)
    • Research and achievements
    • Publications and presentations
    • Exceptional work ethic

  2. Exceptional Student Leader

    Our Exceptional Student Leaders Exemplify the following:

    • Ability to work well with others
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities and achievements
    • Contribution to department or overall graduate student community
    • Collegial attitude and demeanor
    • Recognized by others as a standard bearer of integrity

  3. Exceptional Graduate Mentor

    Our Exceptional Graduate Mentors exemplify the following: 

    • Collegial and Professional Excellence
    • Advocacy for his/her students and other graduate students
    • Available and encouraging to students
    • Awareness to current disciplinary trends and opportunities
    • Inter-disciplinary Communication and Collaboration
    • Creativity to avail new opportunities to students

  4. Exceptional Staff Member

    The Exceptional Staff Member Award will be nominated by a graduate student and is given to a Michigan Tech staff member who exemplify the following:

    • Professional excellence and advocacy for graduate students 
    • Readily available to help and encourage students
    • Awareness to current disciplinary trends and opportunities
    • Inter-departmental communication and collaboration
    • Creativity to avail new opportunities for students