GRC 2018: Poster Presentation Session

Poster Session Presentations Schedule (printable version)

Tuesday February 27th, 2018, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, MUB Ballroom A1

Poster # Title Name AbstractPage #
1 A Novel Levodopa-PAK-Tempo Conjugate (LPTC) Protects the Heart against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury via Inhibiting Mitochondrial Fission and Oxidative Stress Shanshan Hou 13
2 A cyanine-based fluorescent cassette with aggregation-induced emission for sensitive detection of pH changes in live cells Mingxi Fang 13
3 The regulation of the yellow gene in the evolution of a complex abdominal color pattern in Drosophila guttifera Mujeeb Shittu 13
4 Nicotine Attenuates Acetate-Induced Increase of Cytosolic Reactive Oxygen Species in Dopaminergic-Like PC12 Cells Jessica Behnke 14
5 Advanced Woody Biomass Logistics for Co-firing in existing Coal Power Plant: Case Study of the Great Lakes States Sangpil Ko 15
6 Investigative Study on Nitric Oxide Production in Human Dermal Fibroblast Cells Maria Paula Kwesiga 15
7 Colorimetric virus detection using gold nanoparticle aggregation Xue Mi 16
8 Energy-Efficient ECG Compression in Wearable Body Sensor Network by Leveraging Empirical Mode Decomposition Hui Huang 16
9 Community scale solar electricity for rural communities: Designing for resilience, access, and identity Emily Prehoda 17


Tuesday February 27th, 2018, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, MUB Ballroom A1

Poster # Title Name AbstractPage #
1 Addressing the Nucleation Mechanism of Paracetamol-Oxalic Acid Cocrystal through a Quantum Mechanical Description of the Chemical Reactivity of its Molecular Components Gemechis Degaga 18
2 Effect of Processing on Nix-Gao Bilinear Indentation Results Obtained for High Purity Iron Prasad Soman 18
3 Molecular Modeling of epoxy polymers Prathamesh Deshpande 19
4 Multi-robot platform design for use in long duration outdoor area coverage missions Sharvil Patankar 19
5 Fourier Space Spectroscopy For Plasmonic Dispersion Maps Aeshah Muqri 19
6 Adsorption removal of micropollutants using Nanoparticles Mohammad Alizadeh Fard 20
7 Evaluating the behavior of polychlorinated biphenyl compounds in Lake Superior using a dynamic multimedia model Tanvir Khan 20
8 Hydrologic Impacts of Developing Forest-based Bioenergy Feedstocks in Wisconsin, USA and Entre Rios, Argentina Azad Heidari 21
9 Hydrological Modeling of Middle Rio Grande Basin to optimize water management Marjan Monfarednasab 21
10 Edge line Strength Test of Glass Beams Nabhajit Goswami 21