Huskies Spotlight

09Mar 2018

Name Prathamesh Deshpande Department Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics Area of research Computational Mechanics of Ultra-strong composites for aerospace applications Abstract Modern aerospace industry thrives on polymer composites for structural applications due to their strength, resistance to corrosion and specifically low weight density. Lightweight parts are essential to improve the efficiency of aircraft which not […]

26Feb 2018

Name Robert Zupko Department Social Sciences Area of research Application of computer modeling to evaluate the sustainability of environmental policy Abstract The Upper Peninsula is a strong candidate for the development of biofuels from logging debris or short rotation crops grown as feedstocks. However, it is unclear what the long term impacts of a biofuels […]

19Feb 2018

Name Prasad Soman Department Materials Science and Engineering Area of research The Role of Grain Boundary Structure and Chemistry in Materials Failure Abstract In this research, attempt will be made to understand contribution of grain boundary structure and chemical composition in grain boundary deformation mechanism. Conventionally, materials failure or strengthening processes are attributed to grain […]

09Feb 2018

Name Saeedeh Ziaeefard Department Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Area of research Autonomous Underwater Gliders and Promoting Robotic in STEM education among middle school students Abstract I have been working in two fields of research. Autonomous Underwater vehicles (AUVs) and Promoting Robotics in STEM education. AUVs help marine scientists to explore the oceans and lakes to collect […]

03Feb 2018

Name Jamie Berger Department Computer Science Area of research Computer Science Education with a special interest in broadening participation of American minorities in computing sciences Abstract Computer Science is a constantly growing field, however, the number of American minorities with careers in STEM is low. American minorities include Black, Latin, and Native American ethnic groups. […]

26Jan 2018

Name Lauren Knop Department Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics Area of research Biomechanics, System Identification, and Robotics Abstract My research studies the relationship between lower extremity muscle activation and the dynamic properties of the human ankle using machine learning techniques. The goal of this work is to better understand ankle modulation during walking to improve […]

19Jan 2018

Name Mayra Sanchez Morgan Department Social Sciences Area of research Environmental policy, human dimensions of natural resources, ecotourism, gender relations Abstract My research raises awareness of the importance of gender equity in the ecotourism industry. Without explicitly considering gender disparities, ecotourism might be a “gender blind” industry that put women in disadvantaged positions instead of […]

11Jan 2018

Name William Lytle Department Social Sciences Area of research Environmental and Energy Policy Abstract My love for the natural world has brought me to MTU to study wildlife, forestry and now people. Pursuing a world where both ecology and society are balanced is a wonderful challenge. Synopsis of research  Our team is working to uncover […]

27Dec 2017

Name Leo Surovitckii Department Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Area of research Earth’s magnetism, paleomagnetism and rock magnetism Abstract My research aims to uncover the evolution of our planet including the history of Earth’s inner structure and plate tectonics. To achieve these goals, I investigate the remanent magnetizations recorded in ancient rocks. Synopsis of […]