1. Stress Management (11/5/15)

    Whitney Boroski of Wellness talks about identifying the sources of stress in your life and some techniques you can use to manage them.



    Mindfullness Exercises

    Finding and Inner Voice through Silence Article #1

    Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity Article #3

    Mindfulness Helps You Become a Better Leader article #2

  2. Entrepreneurship (10/6/15)

    Dr. Yoke Khin Yap of the Physics Department talks about the current landscape for graduate degree holders and how to get involved in entrepreneurship.



  3. All About Insurance (09/23/15)

    Kelly Jepsen and _______ discuss the different types of insurance that are often required or recommended when living in the United States. Topics include: renters, home, vehicle, and life insurance.

  4. Wellness and Mental Health (04/13/15)

    Donald Williams of Michigan Tech Counseling Services discusses stress and mental health.

  5. Poster Design (1/21/15)

    Jennifer Sams of the Michigan Tech Library discusses the fine points of designing a research poster and how to effectively present your data.

  6. Giving a Professional Presentation (12/02/14)

    Mike Meyer of the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning discusses the most effective ways to give an oral and poster presentation.


  7. Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students (10/20/14)

    Peter Larsen and Natasha Chopp discuss funding opportunities that graduate students can apply for.

  8. IT Services (09/08/14)

    Josh Olson of IT discusses services provided by IT.