2019-2020 Executive Board


President • Apurva Baruah

The GSG President chairs meetings and works as GSG's liaison with the Michigan Tech administration.

Contact: gsg-president@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Monday & Friday 9-10 am.

Vice President • Daniel Byrne

The Vice-president assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence at any GSG or Executive Board meetings; serves as liaison with the standing committee chairs; and is the administrator of the First Contact program.

Contact: gsg-vp@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Thursday 1-3 pm.

Secretary • Ranit Karmakar

The Secretary records and prepares minutes for all GSG meetings; maintains the Constitution and Bylaws, including any amendments; maintains member and committee rosters; coordinates the poster-board rentals; and oversees yearly elections.

Contact: gsg-secretary@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Tuesday 3-4 pm. 

Treasurer • Bethel Tarekegne

The treasurer maintains all income, disbursements, and financial records of the GSG; plans the coming year's budget in conjunction with the Executive Board; provides monthly financial status reports to the Executive Board and to GSG; manages committee-related expenditures, providing monthly reports to committee chairs.

Contact: gsg-treasurer@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Friday 4-5 pm (remotely).

Research Chair • Nathan Ford 

The research Chair is responsible for organising the major research events on campus. These include the Graduate Research Colloquium, the 3 Minute Thesis Competition, the Merit Awards Program, and more. 

Contact: gsg-research@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Thursday 3-4 pm.

Professional Development Chair • Ami Kling 

The Professional Development Chair is responsible for organising and running the standing seminar program. They organise the Academic Seminar series and the Professional Development series in conjunction with the Graduate School. 

Contact: gsg-prodev@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Thursday 11am to 12pm. 

Social Chair • Wesley McGowan

The Social Chair helps build a sense of community among graduate students by organizing social events each semester; assists the vice-president as necessary with Fall and Spring orientation; organizes the Graduate Student Orientation Picnic; and works with other committees, as requested, with the social aspects of workshops, such as catering and reservations.

Contact: gsg-social@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Monday 12-1 pm. 

Public Relations Chair • Marina Choy 

The Public Relations Chair promotes awareness of GSG in the University community by crafting publicity materials in a variety of communications media, especially the GSG website, and responds to requests for general information from the graduate student body at large.

Contact: gsg-pr@mtu.edu • Summer office hours: Thursday 10-11 am.