Prathamesh Deshpande

Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
Area of research
Computational Mechanics of Ultra-strong composites for aerospace applications
Modern aerospace industry thrives on polymer composites for structural applications due to their strength, resistance to corrosion and specifically low weight density. Lightweight parts are essential to improve the efficiency of aircraft which not only conserve fuel but also are corrosion resistant unlike the conventional metals. Thermomechanical properties of these materials are affected by variation in their molecular structure; hence atomic or nano scale study of these materials is required to understand their development. Since the late 20th century, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations have been used to study the molecular behavior in various materials. At atomic scale, MD simulations have proven to be successful in exploring different phenomenon in materials with pico to nano seconds time scales. I am using MD approach to help develop ultra-strong composites for space applications. The polymer under study is a thermoset epoxy resin which will serve as the matrix material with nanotube reinforcements.
Synopsis of research
I am part of the recently awarded Space Technology Research Institute by NASA called US-COMP. The lead of this Institute is my advisor Dr. Gregory Odegard. My part in this project is that I am working on developing a potential nanocomposite system which will serve as a structural material in spacecrafts that will help humans travel to Mars. The nano composite is composed of an epoxy resin and a carbon nanotude reinforcement. please visit: for more information on the US-COMP project.
Fun fact
Being a computational engineer helps the fact I enjoy playing computer games. I follow all the Counter Strike: Global Offensive esport leagues and tournaments. Becoming an elite level CS: GO player will be a dream until I get myself a good workstation 😛 Oh! and yeah Virtus-pro for life 😀


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