Prasad Soman

Materials Science and Engineering
Area of research
The Role of Grain Boundary Structure and Chemistry in Materials Failure
In this research, attempt will be made to understand contribution of grain boundary structure and chemical composition in grain boundary deformation mechanism. Conventionally, materials failure or strengthening processes are attributed to grain size (Hall-Petch theory), solid solution or work hardening. Our goal in this research is to specifically analyze contribution of solute segregation at the grain boundary region, towards strengthening mechanism.
Synopsis of research
Fascinating thing in my research is to be able to perform nano-scale grain boundary experiments, with nanoindenter, that too placed inside TEM (a very high resolution microscope). This will help us to visually observe how grain boundary actually deforms with naked eyes.
Fun fact
When I was little I always wanted to have a puppy, but I never had one. Now I have two of them. I love them so much that if I could I would adopt all the puppies in the world!

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