Jamie Berger

Computer Science
Area of research
Computer Science Education with a special interest in broadening participation of American minorities in computing sciences
Computer Science is a constantly growing field, however, the number of American minorities with careers in STEM is low. American minorities include Black, Latin, and Native American ethnic groups. Although the number of computer scientists among all American minorities is low, the number of computer scientists among the Native American population is chronically low. This is important because as the world evolves, so does technology. Native Americans may find their culture dwindling as technology and information dissemination progress. Most of the information found online about the Native American population is either incorrect or one-sided. It is very important for the Native American peoples to find harmony between technology and the spiritual world in order to reclaim their culture and grow their community economically.
Synopsis of research
My current project starts at the end of February 2018. My adviser and I will run a coding club at the Ojibwa Community Library in Baraga, MI, located on the L’Anse Indian reservation. This type of research is new to both of us, so we will start with a grounded theory approach. This means my adviser and I are going to enter the environment with a few key points to gather data upon, and then we will generate a research question based on what we discover in the 7-week coding club. We would also like to create friendly relationships within the Ojibwa tribe so we may have communal assistance in creating long-term curricula. In the near future, my adviser and I hope to do a 1-2 year long study on the L’Anse Indian reservation with our results from the coding club, so we may create a culturally relevant computing curriculum for Native American students.
Fun fact
I love science communication!! Find me on Instagram @BergerWithASideOfCode !! 🙂 I transform song lyrics into snippets of code, advocate for diversity in technology, and I provide anecdotal graduate life experiences and tips !! <3


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