Leo Surovitckii

Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
Area of research
Earth’s magnetism, paleomagnetism and rock magnetism
My research aims to uncover the evolution of our planet including the history of Earth’s inner structure and plate tectonics. To achieve these goals, I investigate the remanent magnetizations recorded in ancient rocks.
Synopsis of research
The structure and interior of the Earth in present time is well known. We cannot observe processes inside the Earth directly, but we can see results of these processes, represented by Earth’s magnetic field which is produced in the outer liquid core and can be observed and measured on the Earth’s surface. Simply put, we can study the processes taking place inside the Earth, observing the behavior of the magnetic field on the surface. The mechanism which generates Earth’s magnetic field is called the geodynamo.
Moreover, we can track the characteristics of the magnetic field in past by using information recorded in rocks. When the lava flow cools down in Earth’s magnetic field it records the properties of the field in which it was exposed to. Hence, we can observe the changing of direction and intensity of ancient magnetic field by studying remanent magnetization of the rocks of different ages.
Since we know about direct relationship between characteristics of magnetic field on the surface and behavior of the geodynamo (processes inside the Earth), we can recreate the process of evolution of the Earth interior.
Only paleomagnetic data represent the source of empirical information about the Earth’s core history.
Fun fact
My work in Tech started with studying of small piece of Allende meteorite, which is  estimated to be 4.567 billion years old. It is older than the Earth (4.54 billion years), and I kept it in my hands.

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